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Training is not usually the main object of services contracted by JGP. Nonetheless, training is frequently a significant aspect.

Training programs for workers involved with construction of projects supervised by JGP have been designed and implemented. Typically, this will include group-specific training covering environmental instructions and/or checklists applicable to all construction procedures. Health and safety aspects as well as basic legal notions regarding any environmentally protected areas adjacent to the construction site will also be covered.

On projects which involved design and implementation of Environmental, Social and Health and Safety Management Systems, JGP has been responsible for training of clients’ environmental and health and safety management teams on implementation of all proposed procedures.

In the public / institutional sector, JGP has been involved with several projects which included a significant institutional strengthening component. JGP has assisted the State of São Paulo’s environmental agency with implementation of an environmental training program directed at municipal governments. Professionals and technicians of over 70 municipalities were trained.
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