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Land Reclamation and Environmental Recovery Projects

JGP has been responsible for a wide variety of land reclamation and environmental recovery projects. These have included land reclamation as part of decommissioning procedures on mining projects, recovery of erosions, borrow sites and other degraded areas, as well as slope stabilization works and reforestation of illegally cleared land.

Regeneration of natural riparian forests is an area of particular expertise. JGP has been responsible for project formulation, supervision and subsequent monitoring, on more than 1,500 hectares of riparian reforestation.

On an award-winning project in São Paulo, a site that suffered a major landslide in a protected National Forest was stabilized and recovered (see photographic sequence). The site had been used as deposit for the overburden material of a limestone pit. The landslide affected old-growth riparian forests and dammed a river downstream.

JGP coordinated geological investigations and engineered a new geometry for the site. Surface and sub-surface drainage was installed. Proposed soil enrichment procedures used organic material from the adjacent forest. Reforestation of the site with locally adapted species was also proposed. Excess soil was deposited at a new site that was also stabilized and subsequently reforested. JGP supervised execution of all proposed measures and subsequently monitored the area for three years.

A similar scope of work has been executed on over 30 environmental recovery projects.

Supervision of Brownfield Site Remediation

JGP’s services have been frequently retained by real estate and industrial sector clients for review of brownfield site remediation projects. This will include analysis of all prior site assessments (including investigations conducted as per ASTM E1527-00), proposed remediation technologies and estimated budgets. In most cases, services have been retained for supervision of remediation works as well.

JGP’s also has some experience with design of remediation projects for contaminated sites. However, implementation of remediation is not part the scope of services offered by the firm.
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