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Waste Inventories and Surveys

Waste inventories and surveys are legally required in Brazil and JGP has assisted clients in the industrial, energy and transportation sectors with development of detailed waste inventories. These include waste classification (on the basis of legal norms), source identification, and waste generation pattern analysis (number of sources and points of disposal, frequency of disposal, seasonality, and other aspects).

Solid Waste Management Plans

Solid Waste Management Plans are a necessary component of any Environmental Management System and have been prepared by JGP on all projects which involved management system development.

Construction Waste Management Plans are a legal requirement in Brazil since 2002 and JGP is assisting its construction and real estate clients with the development of procedures to comply.

The starting point for adequate waste management is an accurate waste inventory (see above). JGP’s approach emphasizes waste minimization as the prime strategy to be pursued. Thus, Waste Management Plans will begin with an audit of all waste streams and establishment of minimization strategies for each one. This may include recommendations for process modifications in order to reduce waste and/or improve resource utilization efficiency.

Reuse and recycling possibilities will be identified as a second step. Frequently, these possibilities involve outsourcing, and an exhaustive verification of waste recycling and/or treatment companies will be conducted. This will result in a list of eligible recyclers. A similar procedure is adopted in order to identify and select proper and legally compliant final disposal sites or facilities for all wastes that cannot be recycled or reused.

Finally, Waste Management Plans will include training to ensure proper standard of care regarding all operations involving waste generation, as well as detailed procedures for continuous monitoring of waste streams. Reporting guidelines are also established and will generally include the use of waste-per-unit-of-production indicators (or equivalent) as a measure of successful waste management.
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