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Construction Environmental Supervision

Environmental supervision of construction procedures is essential to ensure that project impacts are minimized. Construction Environmental Supervision Services involve implementation of thorough inspection routines and procedures for management of non-conformities. Start-up of Construction Environmental Supervision Services will involve production of detailed environmental instructions and/or checklists covering all aspects of construction. Supervision procedures trigger corrective action where necessary and ensure that documented evidence of compliance with all items in the checklist is produced.

The scope of Construction Environmental Supervision Services will usually include verification of contractor compliance with project health and safety requirements. Proper implementation of environmental and health and safety training programs is also verified.

Reporting is a major aspect of Construction Environmental Supervision Services, and scope of services generally includes complying with all reporting requirements established in the environmental permitting procedure.

JGP’s construction supervision services have been retained by clients on the majority of projects it has permitted. This has included several major highway extension and/or duplication projects, transmission lines, hydroelectric power plants, industrial plants, mining projects and urban development projects.

JGP has developed leading-edge supervision and monitoring techniques and has developed comprehensive environmental instructions and/or checklists that effectively contribute to construction impact mitigation under the most varied kinds of circumstances.

Environmental Program Management

Permitting requirements established by environmental authorities for the construction phase of projects will generally include some environmental programs which are not directly linked to construction as such, and which would not usually be included in the scope of the main contractor. These may include social communication programs, archeological survey and salvage programs, noise monitoring, water and air quality monitoring, ground water level monitoring, reforestation programs, among others.

JGP’s services have frequently been retained for turn-key execution of environmental programs during construction. In other cases, JGP has been involved exclusively on a management or supervisory role.
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