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Stakeholder Mapping

In complex projects, thorough stakeholder mapping is a critical success factor and should be continuous not only during planning and permitting stages but also throughout construction and operation.

JGP’s approach to stakeholder mapping is based on extensive fieldwork and consultation during early planning stages. Stakeholder inputs are taken into account in the definition of permitting strategies and may have an impact on project design.

Planning and Implementation of Public Consultation and Disclosure Plans (PCDP)

Comprehensive Public Consultation and Disclosure Plans (PCDP) have been implemented by JGP during the permitting process of a wide variety of investment projects. They are based on multiple communication approaches and tools and are initiated during early stages of impact assessment studies.

Whereas formal public consultation (in the form of Public Hearings or similar formats) is legally required during the environmental permitting procedure, JGP’s approach to consultation will generally go far beyond legal requirements, since Public Hearings are rarely the best format for engagement with project affected peoples. Community meetings, seminars, open houses and other communication approaches will be adopted on the basis of characteristics and geographical distribution of project affected peoples and of the results of prior stakeholder mapping.

PCDP development by JGP follows IFC and IDB policies and good practice notes and is generally compliant with ISO standards.
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