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Site Contamination Assessments

Environmental liability assessments of property are continuously requested by JGP clients and have included large industrial and commercial installations as well as undeveloped sites. JGP’s approach goes beyond ASTM guidance for Phase I and II site investigations and risk-based corrective action.

Site assessments will generally be initiated with a joint planning effort involving the client and other parties as necessary. Client requirements will be clearly established as well as critical risks and remediation objectives as pertinent. On large sites, phased assessments may be necessary in order to meet client deadlines.

Regulatory requirements will be discussed with the corresponding environmental agency and a permitting strategy will be established.

Since liability assessments are usually requested in the context of business transactions, focus of services is on supplying adequate information in a timely manner. At every stage of the assessment process, this will include progressively more accurate estimates of the costs and timeframe of remediation and of any expected loss of the site’s development potential. Services are planned so as to achieve rapid minimization of uncertainty.

Environmental Liability Management

Detailed inventories of environmental liabilities have been conducted for large industrial or real estate clients with multiple sites and/or installations. Similar services have been rendered to toll-road and transmission line concessionaires.

Environmental liabilities in this context may include contaminated land or water, erosion, unstable slopes, areas subject to flooding, irregular waste disposal, illegal occupation of rights-of-way, riparian off-sets without forest cover, among others. In many cases (particularly in the case of infrastructure concessionaires), liabilities may result from third party action (i.e. adjacent population).

Typically, environmental liability inventories will include a long list requiring a multi-year recovery program. JGP has assisted clients in preparing and implementing Environmental Liability Management Plans. Tasks executed by JGP in this context generally include planning of emergency works, design of environmental recovery projects, design and implementation of monitoring routines, preparation of yearly budgets, consultation with regulatory authorities, engagement with key stakeholders and report preparation.

Environmental and Health & Safety Compliance Audits

Environmental and health & safety compliance with regulatory requirements has been audited at a wide variety of industrial facilities and construction sites. This will include a thorough survey of applicable legislation (and/or client norms) and a formal inspection routine covering installations, operations and documentation.

Installations will be inspected for compliance with building codes, environmental permits, fire and safety rules, sanitary requirements and occupational health standards. Operations will be supervised for verification of compliance with environmental control procedures and applicable safe-work routines. Documentation review will include at least all written environmental and health and safety plans and procedures and evidence of compliance with them, all necessary permits and other required official documents, and monitoring data on all effluents and emissions.
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