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JGP has been responsible for environmental impact assessments and/or due diligence assessments on several important water resource projects, including supply development, effluent treatment, flood control, irrigation and similar projects.

As part of flood control plans for São Paulo Metropolitan Region, the Tietê River channel was deepened and widened along almost 60 Km. Phase I of this project, which included 14 Km. of dredging, was the most complex. JGP’s team was responsible for this phase’s Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. Critical issues included environmental control at dump sites for dredged material, special disposal procedures for contaminated sediment and underwater use of explosives in a densely occupied urban context. JGP was also involved with environmental monitoring services during construction.

Another major environmental ESIA was prepared by JGP for the Alto Tietê water supply system (SPAT) to increase the water supply of the São Paulo Metropolitan Region. This included construction of two new reservoirs and expansion of a third one, as well as 20 Km. of channels linking theses reservoirs and two other pre-existing ones to the water treatment plant site. The project was to supply 9 m3/sec. of additional water to São Paulo’s Metropolitan Region

Environmental and social due diligence assessments for Lenders were conducted by JGP on the Olmos irrigation project in northern Peru and on the Remigio Rojas irrigation in Panama.

Several major river canalization works have been permitted by JGP as part of highway and/or urban development projects or flood control schemes. This includes the Carapicuiba River canalization in São Paulo and the Mato Dentro River canalization in Campinas.

Reservoir construction, water supply / treatment facilities and effluent treatment plants, are generally part of urban development projects permitted by JGP (see Sectors– Urban Development).

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