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JGP has been responsible for environmental permitting of more than 60 urban development projects totaling over 300 million square meters, including projects in the states of São Paulo, Bahia, Goiás, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul. Total cumulative design population of these projects exceeds 600,000 people.

Most projects are residential neighborhoods, frequently including clubhouses and sports facilities. Mixed use developments and industrial districts are also among the projects developed.

Project size is usually between 80 and 300 hectares, but significantly larger projects have been developed by JGP. One such case is the Quinta da Baroneza project in Bragança Paulista (State of São Paulo), which occupies an area of 900 hectares (see Landmark Projects).

Permitting procedures concluded by JGP on urban development projects include Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) on over 30 projects. As part of the permitting process, JGP is usually retained to coordinate procedures to obtain all legally required approvals, which may involve the municipal planning department, the water concessionaire and other entities.

Construction environmental management and monitoring services have been rendered by JGP on most projects. This has generally included preparation and submittal of progress reports to environmental authorities and some form of formal environmental approval upon completion of project infrastructure. Environmental management plans frequently include some form of control over construction on individual plots and JGP has been frequently retained to assist in this process.

Other environmental monitoring programs frequently executed by JGP on urban development projects include water quality, community noise, fauna monitoring (on projects near native forests) and monitoring of reforestation and landscaping.

On projects which include large areas of preserved native forests, Forest Management Plans have been developed in order to ensure preservation of fauna habitats and control of forest use by future residents. In many cases legally instituted Environmental Reserves (RPPN) have been created.

JGP will usually interfere with urban development project Master Plans and subsequent detailing of urbanization plans. Typically, site environmental analysis and mapping of legal environmental restrictions will be concluded by JGP prior to initiation of the projects’ Master Plan by the urban design team. Interaction with this team will be continuous throughout the project planning cycle.

JGP’s team includes urban designers and in some cases JGP’s services have been retained to develop Master Plans and urbanization projects as well.

Preliminary environmental site assessments and mapping of legal environmental restrictions have been concluded by JGP on a large variety of properties. These services are usually retained in the context of property transactions or in support of economic feasibility studies by real estate developers.

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