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Experience with oil and gas includes several landmark projects in Brazil and Peru and covers upstream facilities, pipelines and downstream industrial installations.

In Brazil, an Environmental Impact Assessment for a 250,000 barrel per day refinery in the northeastern coast was developed. Support to Lenders on the Environmental and Social Due Diligence of oil exploration activities in 21 blocks in the Amazon region was also provided. This included development of key Environmental and Social Management Plans for the exploration phase.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) have included a gas pipeline linking offshore blocks to the industrial center of São Paulo. Other permitting work has included electrification of an oil pipeline pumping stations in the Paraiba valley region (São Paulo). Several industrial and/or thermal energy projects have included oil pipelines that were subject to Environmental and Social due diligence assessments for Lenders. This also included the LOGUM project comprising over 1,300 km. of ethanol pipelines. Review of pipeline alignment studies has been conducted on several projects.

Experience with chemical and industrial plants linked to petrochemical complexes has included the largest carbon black plant in Brazil, as well as CO2, P2O5, sulfuric acid and other facilities. JGP also conducted environmental feasibility studies for a major phosphate mine and associated industrial development by the Amazon River.

Phase 1 environmental due diligence assessments of fuel storage and distribution centers and fueling stations were conducted in support of an acquisition process involving a major fuel distribution company.

In Peru, JGP was responsible for independent Environmental and Social monitoring of the Peru LNG project on behalf of Lenders during construction and the first year of operations. This includes the LNG plant and marine terminal at Melchorita and the 408 km gas pipeline that brings gas to the coast crossing over the Andes in the regions of Ayacucho and Huancavelica, reaching more than 4,700 m of altitude. It also includes upstream gas production activities at Blocks 56 and 88.

Also in Peru, an Equator Principle gap analysis was conducted on the Gasoducto Sur Peruano project (1,100 km.). Furthermore, E&S baseline surveys were concluded for a 107 km branch of this pipeline in the Apurimac region.

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