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JGP´s experience with mining projects includes Environmental and Social Impact Assessments and associated permitting procedures, Social Action Plan design and implementation, and environmental monitoring, both during construction and operation. Land reclamation and mine closure projects have also been developed on a variety of projects.

Experience includes projects throughout Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. It includes iron ore, gold, copper, nickel, zinc, tin, bauxite, limestone and phosphates, as well as clay, stone and other construction materials in association with major construction projects.

Permitting experience within Brazil includes projects in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Pará, Mato Grosso do Sul, Bahia, Tocantins and Amazonas. It also includes projects within Environmental Conservation Units. These included an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for a new limestone mine in the Ipanema National Forest (FLONA Ipanema) and decommissioning plans on three other limestone mines in the same Conservation Unit.

Permitting services on a stone quarry inside the Jacupiranga State Park in São Paulo that was necessary for duplication of BR-101 highway, were also conducted, and this required extensive public consultation as well as extended monitoring of impacts on endangered bird species.

Planning and implementation of land reclamation and other environmental recovery projects as part of mine closure procedures is also a major area of expertise. Projects have included stabilization and reforestation of degraded areas and recovery of open pits.

A comprehensive Community Development and Social Action Plan was developed for the Onça Puma project in the state of Para. This is one of the world´s largest nickel mines (see Landmark Projects).

In Bolivia, JGP assisted a large multi-site mining corporation with design and planning of community development programs. In Paraguay, the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of a limestone mine and cement plant was concluded. In Peru, strategic level advice on resettlement planning for a major copper project was provided over a six year period. Social risk assessments of three potential mining projects in Andean peasant community lands were developed for a multinational corporation.

JGP understands that the capability to deal with the social dimensions of large mining projects is a strategic asset since frequently such projects are in remote areas and impose complex requirements on small and generally unprepared host communities. Comprehensive Community Development and Social Action Plans have been developed for several mining projects and have helped our clients construct a solid relationship with local communities and stakeholders.

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