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Energy is one of JGP’s main sectors of activity. The firm has broad experience with hydroelectric power plants, thermal power plants, transmission lines and power distribution systems.

Hydroelectric Projects

JGP’s hydroelectric experience includes over 70 projects mostly in Brazil, but includes also projects in Peru, Dominican Republic and British Guyana.

Main projects in Brazil include Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) for Teles Pires (1,820 MW), Tabajara (350 MW), Colider (300 MW), Toricoejo (76 MW), Cachoeirão (64 MW), Juruena (46 MW), Jesuita (23 MW) and Lajari (22 MW). A Cumulative Impact Assessment and Integrated ESIA was also developed for a series of 10 small hydro projects on the Mortes River, totaling 206 MW capacity. A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and cumulative impact evaluation was conducted for a group of 8 projects totaling 186 MW on the Juruena River. 
Another ESIA that deserves highlighting was developed for the Amaila Falls hydroelectric project in British Guyana (153 MW). This is in a pristine region and required extremely thorough flora and fauna surveys to meet Lender standards on impact assessment as critical natural habitats will be affected. Over 80 professionals were mobilized to execute biodiversity and other baseline surveys.

Detailed Environmental and Social Management Plans and Monitoring Programs for both construction and operation phases were developed for all projects on which ESIAs were conducted, as well as for several other smaller projects. 

Preparation of detailed budgets for Environmental and Social Management Plans and Monitoring Programs have included Belo Monte (11,283 MW), Teles Pires (1,820 MW), São Manoel (746 MW), Riacho Seco (276 MW), Uruçui (134 MW), Ribeiro Gonçalves (113 MW), Estreito Parnaiba (56 MW), Castelhano (64 MW) and Cachoeira          (63 MW).
Strategic environmental advisory services were retained by a major aluminum producer on social and environmental issues affecting the energy projects of which it participates as a joint venture partner, including the Barra Grande (690 MW), Serra do Facão (210 MW) and Pai-Querê (292 MW) hydroelectric plants.

Construction environmental management and implementation of monitoring programs is a major area of expertise. On several hydroelectric projects JGP was responsible for environmental supervision during construction as well as for implementation of all Environmental and Social Management Plans and Monitoring Programs. An major assignment is the Ourinhos project (44 MW), in which the JGP was responsible for the implementation of more than 15 environmental programs (see Landmark Projects).

Hydroelectric project experience in Peru includes Chaglla (406 MW), Inambari (2,000 MW) and Cheves (168 MW), as well as six (06) other projects totaling near 300 MW. In the Chaglla project, JGP assisted the client in reviewing the ESIA and meeting with IDB and other Lender requirements during the due diligence process, and subsequently  implemented the Ecological Flow Management Plan (EFMP) as well as several biodiversity monitoring programs. At Inambari, JGP reviewed the ESIA and Environmental and Social Management Plans and conducted an Equator Principle Gap Assessment and a re-evaluation of the project’s environmental and social budget. On the Cheves project, JGP was responsible for the Environmental and Social Due Diligence Assessment that lead to financing by IFC and three Equator Banks and subsequently was responsible for environmental and social monitoring on behalf of Lenders.

Other Environmental and Social Due Diligence Assessments and E&S monitoring of hydroelectric projects for Lenders and/or equity partners have included Belo Monte (11,283 MW), Santo Antonio (3,150 MW), Palomino (80 MW), Simplicio (343 MW) and Estreito (1,086 MW).

Thermal Power Plants
Thermal power plant permitting services have included ESIAs on a 540 MW coal-fired plant at Candiota (Rio Grande do Sul), on a 50.8 MW fuel oil plant at Anápolis (Goiás), on a 700 MW combined cycle natural gas plant in São Paulo state and on a 108 MW co-generation facility associated to a sugar and ethanol mill in Tocantins. 

Due diligence assessments of thermal power plants have included one of the largest fuel oil plant worldwide (Aratu - 1,086 MW), and several co-generation facilities, including plants associated to a major steel complex (421 MW), to an LNG plant (160 MW), to a vegetable oil plant (16 MW) and to several sugar and ethanol mills    (90 MW, 77 MW, 75 MW, 74 MW, 60 MW and 47 MW).

Thermal power experience also includes environmental due diligence assessments (Phase 1) at over 15 fuel powered plants in the 3 MW to 10 MW capacity range, which are part of CELPA’s and CEMAT’s energy distribution operations in the states of Pará and Mato Grosso. Some of these had to undergo remediation procedures which were also evaluated by JGP.

Transmission Lines

High voltage transmission line experience includes impact assessments and management of permitting procedures for over 70 projects in Brazil, totaling almost 23,000 km. and distributed in the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Pará, Paraná, Rondonia and São Paulo. ESIAs on a 270 km line in British Guyana and on a 137 km line in Peru have also been conducted.

Projects in Brazil that deserve highlighting include the continuous current 600 kV lines linking the Madeira River hydropower plants to the national grid. ESIAs and detailed ESHS Management Plans for two parallel lines 2,430 km each were concluded in 2010. Another major project is the first continuous current 800 kV line linking the Belo Monte hydropower project to the national grid. This transmission line is 2,100 km. long and JGP’s services include all the environmental permitting (ESIA, ESHS Management Plans, etc.), archaeological surveys and implementation of E&S management and monitoring plans during construction.

Another landmark project is the 500 kV line linking the Tucurui power plant to Manaus, north of the Amazon. JGP was responsible for ESIA and ESHS Management Plan development on a 506 km segment, including the crossing over the Amazon River and floodplain. Other projects include the Serra da Mesa – Emborcação 500 kV transmission line (
690 km.), that underwent extensive public consultation along the 23 municipalities intercepted by the selected alignment, as well as over 1,500 km of transmission lines in the state of Pará and nearly 2,000 km in the state of Mato Grosso.

JGP has been responsible for construction environmental management of many of the transmission lines it has permitted. Further to this, JGP has implemented monitoring programs required by environmental authorities, including fauna and flora monitoring, community noise level assessments and social communication and stakeholder engagement programs.

Electric Distribution Systems

With regard to energy distribution systems, JGP was responsible for the environmental and social due diligence assessments for Lenders, of the Investment Programs (CAPEX) of COELBA (distribution concessionaire of the state of Bahia), CELPA (state of Pará), CEMAT (state of Mato Grosso) and CELTINS (state of Tocantins). Cumulatively, the concession area of those four concessionaires represents over 40% of Brazilian territory. The due diligence assessments included very diversified types of projects (part of the three year Investment Program of each company), as well as an evaluation of existing facilities and operations, including review of environmental management systems and procedures. In the case of three of those four concessionaires, JGP was retained as Independent Environmental and Social Consultant responsible for monitoring CAPEX implementation on behalf of Lenders.

Major liability assessments along distribution system easements have been conducted for concessionaires in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Another major assignment regarding transmission lines and energy distribution systems was the REP-Peru due diligence assessment and Comprehensive Management Plan to deal with irregular easement occupation. This was developed in support of due diligence procedures by IFC and covered a 5,500 km. transmission line system distributed in central and southern Peru
(see Landmark Projects). 

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