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Over the years, JGP has structured a highly qualified and cohesive multidisciplinary team which covers most of the areas of expertise required for impact assessments and for management of the environmental and social aspects of projects and businesses. This team includes over 150 professionals which have a long history of joint work, are fully familiar with the firm’s technical standards, methodologies and quality control procedures, and constitute the core of project-specific technical teams.

JGP’s team includes professionals in the fields of regional planning, architecture and urban design, geography, anthropology, sociology, geology, geomorphology, limnology, hydrology, meteorology, civil and hydraulic engineering, chemical engineering, urban land engineering, agronomy, biology, ecology, botany and zoology.

In-house technical support staff supplies project-specific teams with GIS resources and mapping services, remote sensing and image processing capabilities, field data collection and monitoring, and environmental database management.

JGP will always test new professionals on key assignments and will, as a matter of policy, integrate local consultants into project teams.

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