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JGP to advise IFC and the Government of Panama in Structuring Environmental and Social Aspects of the Concession of Panama Transmission Line IV, with 317 km, that will link East and West of the country in 500 kV (April 2018)

IFC is advising the Government of Panama and ETESA (the state electricity transmission company) in preparing the documentation required to tender a Concession Contract of the largest transmission line project in the country to date. This will be the first transmission line to be implemented along the Caribbean side of the Country where it will intercept high conservation value habitats as well as the territory of indigenous groups.

JGP is responsible for preparing all environmental and social aspects of the documentation, including terms of reference for ESIA development, Land Acquisition and Resettlement Plans, Indigenous Peoples Plan, Stakeholder Engagement Plan and general guidelines on E&S performance by the future Concessionaire.

A Preliminary Biodiversity Assessment has been conducted and will provide the basis for subsequent Critical Habitat Analysis. Extensive consultation with the affected Indigenous Group is under way, seeking to attain FPIC.

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