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JGP is committed to the most rigorous standard of care on all projects it involves itself with. It will always aim to ensure that the environmental and social aspects are properly addressed.

In order to achieve this, it will seek to involve itself in the early stages of project planning and will, as possible, interfere with project engineering, including key aspects such as site selection, alignment decisions and construction planning. It will also seek involvement in project implementation as necessary to ensure effectiveness of the social and environmental strategies and solutions whose formulation it was responsible for.

JGP adheres entirely to IFCs Performance Standards on Social & Environmental Sustainability and applies them rigorously as pertinent to all projects.

Where trade-offs between environmental and social aspects are necessary, we believe that striking the proper balance is a critical success factor and will apply all the firm´s experience and resources to ensure that it is reached.

Professional development of JGP´s team members is an explicit aspect of company policy. Team members are involved in all stages of the project implementation cycle, from preliminary environmental planning through commissioning. We understand this is essential to develop the ability to predict impacts and to deal with social and environmental issues.

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