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>Comprehensive resettlement plan for irregular buildings in transmission line easements in central and southern Peru

REP Peru is a privately held electricity transmission company that obtained a concession from the Government of Peru to operate and maintain for 30 years over 5,300 km of high voltage transmission lines distributed over most of the country. Several segments of the conceded transmission lines’ easements are irregularly occupied by low income families. A detailed survey identified a total of over 2,800 irregular buildings, mostly dwellings. IFC financing was requested and JGP was retained to provide support to the due diligence process.

A Comprehensive Management Plan (CMP) was developed to provide a framework for discussions between REP and the Government of Peru in order to implement the actions necessary to eliminate the risks associated with irregular occupation. The CMP identified a typology of possible solutions for each occupied segment. These included engineering solutions (relocation of the transmission lines), legal adjustments (narrowing of the required easement or similar measures) and resettlement solutions (relocation of population). The preferred solution for each segment of the right-of-way was selected on the basis of implementation cost and environmental and social impact. A preliminary budget and implementation schedule were also developed.

In conjunction with the CMP, JGP prepared a Resettlement Policy Framework in order to guarantee that all resettlement of population and/or displacement of economic activities is conducted in accordance with IFC’s Involuntary Resettlement Policy. Furthermore, a Community Development Plan was developed in order to organize REP’s efforts to engage with the communities adjacent to the easements through social projects and other initiatives in order to maximize the social benefits of the solutions implemented through the CMP and to prevent the occupation of cleared areas.


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