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> Social Action Plan for the Onca Puma Mining Project

The Onça Puma project is one of the largest nickel mines in the world. Total direct and indirect employment during operation will be over 3,000 jobs. The host communities (Ourilândia and Tucumã in the southern region of the State of Pará) each have a current population of approximately 15.000.

JGP was engaged by the project’s initial developer to produce a comprehensive set of social and community development programs compatible with Equator Principles. The client’s concern was not only with meeting requirements of the financial institution responsible for structuring the project’s funding, but also with ensuring benefits to the host communities will be maximized and undesirable indirect social impacts are kept to a minimum.

JGP structured a Social Action Plan to assist the communities of Ourilândia and Tucumã in coping with additional demand for housing, urban utilities, health and education and other associated social impacts. Training of the local workforce and local suppler development programs were proposed. A series of strategies aimed at population influx management and control were proposed and were the object of extensive local consultation.

JGP is advising the Onça Puma project´s current owner with implementation of the Social Action Plan.


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